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Book Publishing with Mason Works Press

Do you dream of helping and inspiring thousands of people with your knowledge through a book?

If you are an authority in your field, you need a book!

But publishing is a confusing proposition without a guide. With so many changes, where do you start?

Mason Works Press would love to support you through the maze of publishing choices to select what is best for you.


Helping Transformational Leaders Build Their Businesses

Mason Works Press can show you how to use your book as a business building tool. Together we can create a strategy to help you gain authority to serve more clients with your unique personality and expertise.

Star Power Publishing with Mason Works Press


We assemble a team who can work for you to create a book that will advance your goals. And MWP will be by your side every step of the way, from interior and cover design to selecting paper, from registering copyright to determining print runs, from choosing a distribution method to figuring out fulfillment. With aligned marketing, publicity, and public relations professionals ready to promote, MWP will support the positioning of you as an author and your book as an important contribution to publishing’s esteemed literary tradition. We customize each and every team to meet your needs and fulfill your publishing purpose. 

We offer you the following services to get your project done professionally, on time and on budget:

  1. A team of dedicated publishing professionals

For each project, we gather a select group of professionals on a team for your project. This assures that your get the best expertise for your specific goals. Our team provides the following services:

  • Editing
  • Writing
  • Design- cover and interior
  • Collection of testimonials for marketing
  • Print on Demand set up
  • Format your publication for Kindle, Nook and ebook
  • ISBN’s
  • Keyword research
  • Book Title and Subtitle recommendations
  1. Editing

Reading for coherence and accessibility requires close attention to the experience of reading your writing. Then subtleties of flow, meaning, and momentum emerge. While structure is the backbone of prose, many aspects (like voice, formatting, and consideration of your target market) must be in place before a piece is ready for publication. Our MWP team works on all these levels so that your message reaches your audience powerfully as they read. Editing services are: transcribing from audio files, content/developmental editing, copy editing, and proofreading.

  1. Writing Services

For over 11 years, MW has helped our customers publish communications that get results. We have professional writers that write books, ebooks, web copy, promotional materials, white papers, reports, press releases, articles, social media and blog posts.

  1. Cover and Interior Design

A well-designed book can launch your authority and help you build your tribe faster! MWP understands your unique perspective and encourages your creativity and input during the publishing process. We work with you to design a product that is attractive, highly functional and communicates your message easily.

  1. A Ready to Launch Book!

Mason Works will deliver print ready products to you, ready to be uploaded to printers or online sale sites (Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc.). We will set up accounts for you at these vendors as needed. We also offer conversions of the text to digital formats for Kindle, Nook and ebook pdf.

Here is what Amazon Best selling author, Elsie Ritzenhein, said about working with Kathy Mason of Mason Works Press:

The Essential Steps to an Author’s Success Include:


How can you benefit?

Mason Works has developed a profit pulling marketing system that integrates online and offline techniques to get you seen quickly by your ideal customers. Stay tuned to hear more about these exciting systems! To find out how to partner with us on your project, call 720-938-2536 or email us at today!

We're eager to assist you and your business.

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