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After Your Best Seller

Taking Your Authority Status to the Next Level

Writing and publishing a book is a wonderful accomplishment, and achieving best-seller status gives even more credibility to you as an author. Now the question is, what’s the best way to leverage your positioning as an expert in your field to create or grow your business exponentially?


The most important aspect of creating your book isn’t to make royalties from sales. It’s to use the book to be able to enhance your value to your potential clients and customers. Here are a few of the ways the book can help:


  • Book opportunities to speak from stage
  • Be invited to present on TV, radio, podcasts, and/or telesummit programs
  • Raise your fees
  • Gain more and clients with greater commitment
  • Increase your reach on social media
  • Sell your courses, trainings, or other offerings at a higher price
  • Gain added credibility among your peers


In the past, the only way to leverage a book was to go on an extensive (and expensive!) book-signing tour, meeting people one-on-one at the local bookstores and hoping to get a few minutes of coverage in the local media. Rarely does this approach even cover the cost of travel, what to speak of the value of your time invested in it.


Mason Works Press has created an entire program to help you leverage your book and your best-selling author status to create an entire platform to take your business to a whole new level. Each program is tailored to your book, your industry, your market, and your needs and budget. Here is an example of some of the things we offer.


  • Virtual author book tour
  • Booking on TV, Radio and Podcasts
  • Creating programs or courses from your book
  • Helping promote these programs via telesummits and/or webinars
  • Assisting with web site creation or updating
  • Assisting with social media platforms

This program is a complete collaboration. Working together, we will design a strategic plan you feel comfortable with (yet will stretch you out of your comfort zone). You will be required to show up as the expert author who is excited to share your message with the world. We will coach you in terms of knowledge, expertise, experience and energy; however, the results you achieve will ultimately be determined by your commitment to making the campaign a long-term success.


Note that we only work with authors who have a valuable message to share with the world. 




What if you have a great idea for a book but haven’t published it yet – or perhaps not even written it yet? This is where Mason Works Press can help you with all aspects of book writing and production. Please see our publishing part of our website for information on how this process works.

The Essential Steps to an Author’s Success Include:


How can you benefit?

Mason Works has developed a profit pulling marketing system that integrates online and offline techniques to get you seen quickly by your ideal customers. Stay tuned to hear more about these exciting systems! To find out how to partner with us on your project, call 720-938-2536 or email us at today!

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