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Building Your Author Platform


Creating Your Author Platform

What is the purpose of your book? If you are like most non-fiction authors, your book it written about a topic in which you are an expert. It would be wonderful to sell hundreds of thousands of copies; however, unless you are a famous fiction writer this isn’t likely to happen. So what is the benefit of having a book? It sets you up as a leading expert in your field. It can make you the go-to person who clients will choose to work with over a competitor since you are perceived as the authority in your field. However, this won’t happen unless you already have your author platform in place before you launch your book.

The mistake most authors make is to either not have an author platform at all or wait too long to even think about how the book can help launch their business to the next level. A well-developed author platform can make the book launch also be a launching pad to rocket your business or profession to a whole other level.

Mason Works Press has years of experience developing powerful author platforms. That’s because we are primarily a marketing company. From the very start, we see your book as an integral part of a holistic marketing plan designed to develop you as the recognized authority in your field. Not only does this enable you to charge higher fees while attracting more clients, it can create additional revenue streams, such as speaking fees, workshop creation and ancillary product sales.


Our Author Platform is a completely customized plan that is targeted (and priced) to most effectively suit your individual needs. Here are common components that may be included in your platform.


  • Development of initial marketing plan for your book and business
  • Effective Author Bio creation
  • Set-up or optimization of social media, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube and others.
  • Creation of a professional author press kit
  • Creating flattering photos and graphics to enhance your image
  • Creation of pre-launch strategy to presell your book
  • Create opportunities for being a guest on radio and/or TV shows
  • Guest appearances on podcasts and other online forums
  • Assistance in getting live speaking opportunities such as book signings or keynote speeches at selected conferences
  • Creation or optimization of your web site
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of all aspects
  • Creation of a book trailer
  • Soliciting reviews and testimonials about the book to use on Amazon, in your book, and on your web site
  • Creation of videos for your web site and other outlets
  • Creation of a blog and/or being a guest blogger on appropriate blogs


What is the advantage of working with Mason Works Press in this way? As a full-service marketing company, we don’t separate your book marketing from your business marketing. It all comes together to create a powerful package of you as the authority in your field. This prepares you to leverage the release of your book to have the maximum impact on your business while taking much of the pressure off you.


We work with you to determine what aspects of this platform you feel confident to create and which ones we will create for you. It is always a collaborative process that takes place during the book production phase so that everything is ready to take off once your book hits the (virtual) shelves!

The Essential Steps to an Author’s Success Include:


How can you benefit?

Mason Works has developed a profit pulling marketing system that integrates online and offline techniques to get you seen quickly by your ideal customers. Stay tuned to hear more about these exciting systems! To find out how to partner with us on your project, call 720-938-2536 or email us at today!

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