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Book Publishing

Book Publishing with Mason Works Press

Do you need help creating, publishing and marketing your book or e-book?

Mason Works Press can help!

We have an exceptional team of resources for your success:

  • Professional writers
  • transcribers
  • editors
  • book graphic artists
  • pr experts
  • online marketing experts
  • sales support
  • web masters
  • Videographers
  • promoters to get you visibility
  • connections to get powerful testimonials
  • celebrity support
  • Amazon Best Selling Author Campaigns
  • and more!

A book promotion is like a new product launch – and we love planning and then implementing powerful, successful campaigns! We have over nine years experience of successful marketing and sales campaigns. Plus using the new rules of marketing and PR, we have created an author package that gets you visibility fast. If you want to sell more books you need Mason Works Press to support you.

Example of Mason Works Press Services

Our example is for a paper back book written by Al Killeen. Al is one of the most successful executive coaches in the world today. His book was compiled by our staff to make a remarkable business book that can transform it’s readers to a happier life. We are very proud of this project.


Soul Proprietorship, 8 Critical Steps to Overcoming Problems in Business and Life by Al Killeen, helps you learn step-by-step how to make inspired decisions in your business and your life with confidence and fearlessness.

We created a new website and another site to launch Al’s book and new direction for his 9 year old coaching business.

We have created the marketing to get Al’s message out through speaking opportunities, radio show presentations and media.

Our services include book creation and all the marketing to sell your book. We know how to get your message out to generate sales. Please contact us to learn more about our new author packages.


How can you benefit?

Mason Works has developed a profit pulling marketing system that integrates online and offline techniques to get you seen quickly by your ideal customers. Stay tuned to hear more about these exciting systems! To find out how to partner with us on your project, call 720-938-2536 or email us at today!

We're eager to assist you and your business.

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