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Marketing Plans

Mason Works has a team of experts that know how to save you time and money!

Our strategic Marketing Plans allow you to go to market smarter- not harder! Years of experience has gone into the development of a quality templated marketing plan process that you and our team explore together. We give your team a workbook and meet with you once a week for 4 weeks to develop a customized solution that will make you succeed faster and less expensively. This is not a cookie cutter approach- it is totally  customized using your input throughout.

We have years of experience working with companies in Conscious Manufacturing, Alternative Healing and and various Services Industries. Our results speak for themselves.

The key components of a Mason Works Marketing Plan are:

  • Purpose- to establish your company’s purpose through goals, values, mission statements
  • Research-to utilize research to understand your business target and the conditions on the market
  • Analyze- to research findings to discover the most cost effective methods to reach your chosen target
  • Implement Plans-to explore new ways to communicate your message to your customer base and prospective customers, and create an implementation calendar and marketing budget
  • Strategy- to develop objective and strategies to position all your products and services
  • Evaluate-to improve and assess the value of the plan and adapt it as needed

We work closely with you to customize this plan for your business. To complete this project we will require some of your time. We usually meet with the customer for an appointment once or twice a week for up  to two hours at a time. Most marketing plan documents can be completed in approximately four weeks. You will receive an

We would welcome an opportunity to discuss how our team could support you.

We offer an initial free hour consultation to explore our possibilities.  

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