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Should your company have an updated website? If you don’t, you are losing sales every day. How many of your competitors have a quality web site? Can your customers gather enough information about your company to determine whether to buy from you? Is it cost beneficial to have a superior web site?  Go search the web for your competition. If they don’t already have a presence on the Internet, they soon will. We imagine many of them already have a site.

However, if you are lucky enough to be the company in your business category, then you have a great advantage over your competition. First to market is always a great thing. If you are relying on the traditional telephone directory book, it is quickly becoming an obsolete resource. Most of the directories are already online and link to companies’ websites. Nine out of ten buyers start with the Internet when sourcing product and services.

Even companies that have products with long and complex sales cycles benefit from having a great website because the customer will research to qualify the company at their website. Yes, sales people, trade shows, and print ads are important, but the importance of your website cannot be overestimated.

Mason Works’ web experts will get your website up and running in no time, and our search optimization experts will insure that the traffic you want is driven to your site. In that way, your customers will find you when they are looking for your product or service, and once they arrive at your website, they will quickly and easily find the information they want and need.

Please call us to have us help you- we can support you either with your  first website or to redesign your current site. We have a Ten Point Web Assessment Tool taht makes website redesign a snap.

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